The Eatalian Group has three locations and the hidden gem is exEat located in Gardena, California. From the outside you would think you’re in the wrong place. The very industrial location and bars on the darkened windows imply “keep moving”. But the inside is completely different. A┬álarge space features an impressive espresso bar, gelato and pastry counter. Seating all around is casual and bright. Best of the all, the food is legit Italian and very affordable. It is quite a drive from Redondo Beach, but we’ll be back again. I’m taking my parents here since 40+ years ago they lived blocks from this area.


What do local Southern California residents do in the summer? One must-do activity is attend some of the many free concerts in the park. Among the most popular in the South Bay is Manhattan Beach’s concert series held every Sunday night at Pollywog Park. This week Colour My World Tribute to Chicago was on stage. I am sure I would have enjoyed the music, but most of the concert was spent talking with friends and supervising the kids as they wanted to run around the playgrounds.


Dragon boat racing started in southern China over 2000 years ago and is now quite a popular amateur sport. One of the largest dragon boat competitions in California is held every year in Long Beach. In addition to the races, the festival offers dance performances and delicious food. What we were not prepared for was the calm water “beach” which our girls were immediately drawn to despite not having bathing suits or towels. So next year we will be more prepared.